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    Dongguan kaitai laser technology co., LTD focus on cultivation laser industry sixteen years,Our main products areCO2Laser marking machine series、Laser welding machine series,Automatic laser welding machine series,Capacitance laser marking machine series、Laser printing machine series、Semiconductor laser marking machine series、Purple light marking machine series,Optical fiber laser marking machine series、CO2Laser cutting/Engraving machine series、Laser stripping machine series、Laser marking machine series online、Automation equipment system of the whole machine design...

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  • Laser stripping machine
  • Laser cutting/Engraving machine

    The company sophisticated carbon 3 d dynamic laser marking machine,Fully considering the aircraft power is great,Large range of marking,Use high strength,Poor working conditions, etc,On the selection and design of the device made a number of improvements。Laser long service life,Cutting marking speed。To achieve the same different marking range focusing mirror finish,And does not affect the quality of the marking the glow。  The system adopted the United States or Germany imports,Configuration and import high speed scanning galvanometer optical device。The machine performance is very stable,Can work continuously for a long time。

    CO2Laser stripping machine is my company pioneered professional wire stripping equipment in China。Currently haveSCB-GDSeries、SCB-RSSeries、SCB-RDSeries、KCB-RSSeries。This series of equipment we applied for an invention patent,2The utility model and2Patents of appearance,To the market6More years,We constantly improve,According to different requirements to provide the best solution,The user's favorite and praise,Market share ranks first。

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